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If you want mixing jobs to go even faster and easier? The Collomix product range offers a lot of opportuĀ­nities.

Additional Products

Why Collomix

Mixing without effort

The RMX mixing station holds the hand-held mixer for you and simplifies your mixing job. Relaxed work on construction sites or in workshops.

Clean mixing tools within a matter of seconds

For cleaning your mixing paddles quickly and easily. When you have finished your mixing work, immerse the mixing paddle in the bucket filled with water and run the mixer for a short time. All residual material will be thoroughly removed by the brushes.

Transports the heavy buckets with ease

Make your heavy work easier and save your strength - with the transport trolley you move heavy buckets effortlessly.

Rugged and high quality mixing buckets

Collomix mixing buckets are well known for high and stable quality by extremely long lifetime. Suitable for almost every mixing material on construction sites.