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Hand - Held Mixers

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Optimum perfor­mance and perfect ergono­mics.

That’s what the Xo / Xo-duo hand-held mixers are. Easy to operate with a straight back and ergono­mi­cally shaped grip handles. State of t­he art motor and gear unit components for long service and safety while workin­g.

Man Mixer

Why Collomix Hand Held Mixers?

Outstanding ergonomics - working without fatigue

Use less muscle power and more machine power. A comfortable holding position and body posture make your work easier. Xo hand-held mixers are all designed according to ergonomic principles - right down to the last detail.

Spare your back

Adjusted working height for mixing with a straight back = Less physical strain on the user.

Forced-action mixing effect - And mixing goes on its own

The forced-action mixing effect (Xo duo) will make even the heaviest and most viscous materials beautifully soft, with a possible time saving of up to 50%.

HEXAFIX® Tool Connection

HEXAFIX®, the innovative and patented quick-action coupling. For mixing paddle change-over in next to no time without additional aids.